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Not Your Average Training Session

Three of Red Bull’s super strong rugby athletes that are members of both the 2013 British and Irish Lions squads take their training above and beyond.

In another exciting collaboration with Red Bull, we decided to test the resistance of three of the toughest Red Bull rugby athletes. As they're already known for pushing their own limits to always stay at the top of their game, we thought it'd be an interesting challenge if we put them through the craziest training program we possibly could. Owen Farrell, Jamie Roberts and George North were sent to their most challenging training session ever where tested their resilience and their ability to remain calm despite the presence of some particularly obvious distractions.

We fortunately had full access to a BO105 aerobatic helicopter, a nascar and an Alpha Jet so we decided to push these athletes to the extreme and created them each their own specific challenge. The resulting films show that an occasional out of the ordinary training session can lead to an exceedingly epic experience.

The main film was supported by a kit of short films presented and used in cinema foyers, distributed to media and influential blogs and used on Red Bull's own channels.

Brief: x3 Short Film 

Additional: Online, TV, Cinema edits

Client: Red Bull

Year: 2013

Behind the Scenes

Additional Notes

Shot on location at Red Bull's headquarters in Salzburg, Austria the crew had just two short days to produce nine films. To make matters worse they had unpredictable spring weather to contend with and a total of four aircraft to co-ordinate.

The films were shot using three Arri Alexa's, a Phantom, Helicopter mounted Cineflex, a GoPro and a Canon 5D. The footage was evened out and graded in Baselight and the sound was treated to a 5.1 Dolby surround mix for cinema distribution. 

Credit has to be given to Jamie Roberts, Owen Farrell and George North for stepping off the stunt helicopters and planes and not being sick on our cameras.


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