Christie's: From Art School to Artist

To celebrate the Goldsmiths Gallery Project auction at Christie’s, we created a series of investigative films that featured world renowned British artists Fiona Rae and Michael Craig-Martin.

Our friends over at Christie's approached us to work on a series of films that profile both the work and practice of some of the most recognisable artists that are part of the talented Goldsmith's alumni community. Each artist has kindly donated a piece of their own work to be auctioned where the proceeds go towards funding a brand new gallery space at the university. 

The artists chosen to contribute to the Goldsmiths Charity Auction at Christie's were picked as a representative selection of great British artist over the past three decades or so.

Brief: 3x Short Films

Client: Christie's

Year: 2015

Fiona Rae

Ahead of the Goldsmiths Gallery Project auction at Christie’s, current student James Slattery meets artist Fiona Rae to talk about her latest work, her inspiration and the YBAs.

Michael Craig Martin

Former Goldsmiths professor Michael Craig-Martin invites current student Dave Peel into his studio to talk about the YBA years and his studio practice.

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