Christie’s Spitfire


The homecoming in one of histories most iconic machines, the WWII Spitfire. 

We had the opportunity to create an interactive site and a series of film that document history and restoration of an iconic WWII Spitfire model, as well as a look into the pilots that flew it. Shortly following the launch of the page, Christie's auctioned of one of two immaculately restored World War II aircraft for the record breaking total of £3,106,500, way more than any Spitfire has ever been sold before. 

Also on board were renowned historian James Holland and presenter Jodie Kidd - both with their own personal ties to the Spitfire - who had the unique chance to take a closer look at the symbolic plane that shaped their history.

Be sure to check out the website and find out just exactly what makes this iconic plane so special. 


Brief: x1 Short Film

Client: Christie's

Year: 2015

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