Run Rabbit Run Microsoft Mobile App for Windows Phone


Building a fitness app like no other.

We bunny-hopped for happiness when Microsoft asked us to collaborate on this experiential fitness mobile app and accompanying campaign.

The guys at Microsoft wondered if we would be up for building something with their exciting new SensorCore technology - a series of highly battery efficient sensor technologies that can track motion, location and speed - and obviously we jumped at the chance.

What we created was a cutesy fitness app designed to turn health tracking into a fun game. The user starts out by adopting their own in-game rabbit and has to look after it by going for regular walks and runs. The pet avatar gets healthier the more the owner goes out for exercise but if the user fails to record miles the rabbit will grow fatter and fatter until it eventually dies.

There are also a range of cool customisation options where you can collect carrots to spend on outfits and accessories in the fancy dress store. The clothes add that extra little bit of fun and gives your little mobile friend it's own special identity.

We also built a bespoke booth to show off our app at the launch event in Berlin and have since received heaps of positive feedback from across all international stores. Back nearer the time, Run Rabbit Run was featured as app of the week across a whole load of media outlets that included Gizmondo, NokNok and Windows Central.



Windows Phone consumer app available for download from the Store.

Supported by custom designed experiential booth allowing the user to run down a rabbit hole and watch their rabbit as they run.

Brief: App and Photobooth

Client: Microsoft


Bringing it to Life

Adding the details

Our RunRabbitRun app launch was supported by a booth that enabled curious visitors to experience the app from inside a giant rabbit den that included an integrated treadmill.

Users would adopt their rabbits and deck them out with the accessories of their choosing before having a go on the integrated treadmill. It was fun to watch their rabbit walk and run in-time with their own actions. We also had some ridiculously delicious branded chocolate-orange carrots and t-shirts printed with colourful rabbit avatars.






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