#SpaceSelfie: An Intergalactic Campaign for Nokia

An intergalactic campaign we made in collaboration with Nokia that took budding astronauts to infinity and beyond. As well as building an exciting bespoke app for the Windows Phone and Tablet devices, we also provided event services including a fully customised #SpaceSelfie booth that contained a real space suit  for visitors to climb into and interact with. Since then, the booth has travelled all across our home planet to a whole bunch of amazing tech events.

Our friends at Nokia kindly approached us to create something memorable to demonstrate the power of their new Imaging SDK. When we realised one of the new features was live chromakeying, we were more than pumped.

The main outcome from this project took the form of a fun-to-use custom app for the Windows8 and Windows Phone 8 that allowed space enthusiasts to take a selfie where they were never able to before. The user simply keys out their background in real time and picks one of our super cool outer-space photographs from our fantastic selection. We also built in a range of filters to give people the option to enhance their images that included some customisable lens flares, moonlight effects and a range of showcase filters from the new Imaging SDK.

Our app was launched at the Mobile World Congress and to celebrate the birth of our technological lovechild, we had a fully-interactive one-of-a-kind photo booth installation set up that allowed curious visitors to step inside a real space suit and become the space explorer of their dreams.

The #SpaceSelfie app was downloaded more than 130 thousand times in a mere fortnight and accumulated 6 million Twitter timeline deliveries in just 10 days.



Brief: App and photobooth 

Client: Nokia




Gramafilm Official Webby Honoree 2015

Bringing it to Life

Adding the details

Our out-of-this-world #spaceselfie app launch allowed curious visitors at the Mobile World Congress to momentarily become an astronaut.

As well as putting their head and arms into an immensely realistic spacesuit, we installed speakers into the helmet itself so that you could hear genuine Apollo mission audio from the NASA archives. 

We also had a bunch of custom embroidered mission badges made up which we gave away to everyone who accepted our mission and took a selfie inside the booth.

Best #spaceselfies

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Additional Notes

We knew we had a strong idea. But bringing it to life in a record timescale was always going to be a challenge. The use of Chromakey in feature films and commercials is well practised, honed by decades of experience and improvements to software, lighting hardware and techniques and uncompressed video formats. We had to start again with a brand new imaging SDK. Live chromakey preview had never been achieved in this way before on a mobile device. We pulled together a dream team of partners from London and Finland and launched spaceselfie at Mobile World Congress 2014.

The blue-screen cloth used in the booth was the very same material used on the last Harry Potter films for the low-light chromakey sequences.







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