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Gramafilm have led the last 2 BAFTA seasons with a fresh approach creating the visual identities and advertising campaigns to promote the Film, Games and TV awards. It’s an exciting project with the focus on modernising brand perceptions and reaching new audiences while not losing sight of
the legacy and heritage. 


The campaigns span cinema adverts, national billboards and a range of digital assets built on researched insights and strategy to develop the brand and build a buzz for the awards.


Gramafilm also designed the overall look and feel that fed into all assets as well as creating the in ceremony brochure covers and tickets.


BELIEVE YOU WILL - 2019 cinema trailer

Created from a collage of found footage and film clips, the narrative was forged from many hours of sifting through the BAFTA interview archive. 
Like a good film, we let the story unfold to only reveal the awards at the climatic finish. By focusing on the human vulnerabilities of our narrators, 
we wanted to connect our audience with them on a more personal level than their red carpet personas and offer a rare a glimpse behind the mask.
The trailer played out in theatres over 30,000 times across the UK and was picked up by The Independent.


Every award had their own unique design crafted by Gramafilm with the team also creating the brochure covers and tickets. Seen by the industry and Royal Family alike, it was a chance to further develop BAFTA as a modern brand through a variety of strong visual aesthetics.


Over the years inspiration was drawn from as far as the abstract op-art of the 1960’s, to reflective social commentary to form a range of radically different designs and ideas.


Every detail was carefully considered from how the paper felt to touch, to the environmental impact of the materials used ensuring both a premium and responsible physical product.


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