Bitpanda Advert

Bitpanda Global Exchange


Bitpanda are one of Europe’s fastest growing FinTech companies. To launch their new advanced trading platform, Bitpanda Global Exchange, Gramafilm created a striking online advert with carefully crafted brand messaging to propel it front and centre of a very competitive market.


Taking an unconventional approach, instead of focusing on just the product itself, the video explores the ever changing nature of technology and money with the message that those who “embrace the new, win the future.”  A bold visual tapestry was woven around the script mixing strong imagery and weird effects. At one point the video file was intentionally corrupted generating fully melted visuals representing the breakdown of the current financial system. Positioning Bitpanda as the solution, while switching from scuffed archive to a clean modern aesthetic, the advert is a journey unlike anything you’d expect from a financial company.


"Why invest like your parents?"

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