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Imagination is the real surprise!

Kinder toys have been the cornerstone of growing up for 50 years and Gramafilm have the honour of working with such an iconic brand.


Producing both a hugely popular animation series as well as creating eye catching images for Instagram that cut through people’s newsfeeds, it’s a project that really lets the creativity run wild.


The first season of animations lived in the real world with the toys coming to life for a whole host of fantastical adventures and escapades. White knuckle car races through the kitchen, treacherous boat voyages across oceanic study tables, each one has been delighting fans old and new. Everything was created in house from writing the scripts to building the sets and painstakingly animating each frame by hand in our studio.


The visual aesthetic for the Magic Kinder Instagram stands out from a mile away with the first year concentrating on bold pastel compositions contrasted with images of the toys in real world situations. As well as full creative control, Gramafilm planned and implemented the successful launch and ongoing social strategy and media buying for the new channel.




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