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Google Playtime 2017 Animation


Google Playtime 2017 was a large scale event produced by Gramafilm in the iconic Kraftwerk powerstation in Berlin. Part of the aesthetic created for the event was white and green neon tube installations dotted throughout the space.


To kick the day off, Gramafilm created an animated countdown timer played out on a huge 10m screen. Taking cues from the building and event design, the piece existed in an imaginary side room of the powerstation with gravity defying neon tubes chaotically spinning in a swarm. This periodically organised to form loose digital clock style numbers.


Gramafilm created the idea and worked with frequent collaborators Formation for the animation, surfacing and rendering.



  • Early sketch of the idea.
  • Draft storyboard.
  • Still from the first animatic.
  • Screenshots of Formation working on the project.
  • Final render.
  • Being played out on a 10m screen.

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