The Barbican Film

The Rain Room

Making it rain at the Barbican Centre
with Random International

In October 2012, Europe's largest arts centre The Barbican commissioned Gramafilm to produce a kit of promotional films to help launch their newest art installation, ‘The Rain Room’.


Gramafilm made a series of short films to be shown in cinemas throughout the UK, across their network of displays inside the Barbican space, and for online which included creating custom edits for leading publications, blogs and influencers to help announce the show.


The main film was featured online with the New York Times, The Guardian, and a whole host of other global publications and blogs. It also quickly amassed nearly 179,000 views on the Barbican's own YouTube channel making it their 5th most popular video ever.


No cameras were harmed during filming. The crew did get a little 
bit wet though.

Rain Room


Shot in a single afternoon on location, Gramafilm had limited time and budget to create cinema quality content. To capture the subtleties of the installation, lighting was key. Using a 1.2kw HMI the rain was backlit to accentuate the shape and texture of the water. Gramafilm’s lighting choice proved so effective that Random International scrapped their existing system of fluorescent tubes and adopted it for the installations
in London and New York.


To further translate the immersive nature of the experience, binaural audio recording was used to transport the viewer into the video. Best listened to on headphones, it created another dimension for the viewer.


Interview Florian Ortkrass

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