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Western Flag - Channel 4


John Gerrard is widely regarded as a pioneer of computer simulation. His work has been shown all around the world including at the Venice Biennale, Tate Britain and Manchester International Festival. To mark Earth Day 2017, Channel 4 commissioned him to create ‘Western Flag’ to highlight the threat posed by increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere.


Gramafilm were hired to create a short accompanying documentary about the process for broadcast and live for posterity on their streaming service.


Western Flag was shown on Channel 4 over 24 hours disrupting normal viewing repeatedly appearing unannounced in millions of homes around the UK. Online it ran continually for the day on where you can now view Gramafilm’s documentary.

"A new flag attempts to give this invisible gas, this international risk, an image, a way to represent itself." 

John Gerrard

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